An Introduction

For a one stop explanation about what digital tickets are, and how to download the Ticketmaster App here is our mobile tickets page.

Also, here is a video you can embed or share.

The Ticketmaster App

Fans can download the Ticketmaster App in the App Store for iPhones and Apple Devices, and in the Google Play App Store for Android.

How To’s and FAQs

Our Ticketmaster Help Desk is the portal managed by our Customer Service team. It holds hundreds of articles, is updated daily by our Customer Services team and as a result 96% of fans find an answer to their query on our help desk.

96% of fans find an answer to their query on our help desk

Fans can search whatever query they choose on Digital Tickets in the search box, which will likely route them to our Mobile Tickets FAQ section where they can link off to a troubleshooting guides or a frequently asked question.

Ticket Transfer

If you have Ticket Transfer switched on for your events, your fans may want to look at the Ticket Transfer FAQs on our Help Desk or go straight to to the help page for transferring tickets.

Here is a video explaining Ticket Transfer that you can embed or share.

Banners, Videos and Ads

We realise the importance of educating fans about digital tickets. To make it easier for you to educate fans on your own channels, we have static and animated ads for you to download.

Case Study

If you’re looking for a live example of how venues and promoters are educating their fans on digital tickets and how they are utilising some of the assets above, check out the SEC campaign and read this Q&A with their Head of Ticketing and Director of Live Entertainment about how they put the campaign together.

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