Digital tickets have been available at SEC venues since 2019, and in 2020 the venues moved to 100% digital tickets across their events.

To educate their fans they have put together a brilliant campaign for their B2C channels, from Facebook through to designated pages on their website.

We chat to Head of Ticketing – Julie Carson and Director of Live Entertainment – Debbie McWilliams about how they put the campaign together >

In your campaign you cover off many benefits of using digital tickets for the fan. How did you decide which key messages to lead with?

Fan experience is a key focus for us.  We knew that digital tickets would remove challenges encountered by event goers over the years, such as, ‘I’ve lost my ticket’, ‘my friends are running late, can I leave their tickets at the box office’, ‘I sent tickets to my friend as a birthday gift and they didn’t arrive’ and tailored our messaging to highlight the real benefits of digital.

We are also mindful of the varying demographic of our customers and wanted to convey a message of the ease of the Digital journey as well as Ticket Transfer.

There are some great FAQs in the ticketing section too – what process did you go through to ensure you had the most likely questions covered?

We approached this from the fan perspective and used insights from historical F.A.Q. data, whilst always being mindful of the eclectic fanbase and their varying needs. 

What marketing channels have you used for the campaign?

We used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and developed a website landing page as a ‘go to’ page that we can link to, by way of example, updates to the customer email confirmation directly links to this page.  We also added a ‘how to’ on every artist page.

Are you planning on having any messaging on site when it’s time to reopen your doors?  (answer if applicable)

We have created a website page that holds all the information from the campaign and I can’t see us taking that down, but instead it will be constantly updated with relevant tech information relating to Digital and Transfer.

We may also carry transfer messaging on our digital assets on campus on event day.

To switch your venue or events to digital tickets please contact your Ticketmaster Representative or contact us.

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