Since its original launch in 2019, Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ technology has been the industry leader in digital ticketing for North America. Now, as SafeTix expands globally, we are seeing the same incredible impact on venue operations across the United Kingdom –  a seamless end-to-end experience for fans. 

Hear from Julie Carson, Head of Ticketing for the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, about the ways SafeTix has improved their onsite experience and streamlined venue operations.

Scottish Event Campus Meets SafeTix

Fans from all over the world head to the SEC for a variety of live events, from concerts to conferences and more. The very first 100% SafeTix show at SEC was an Ed Sheeran concert, and Julie and her team were ecstatic that entry went on without a hitch! Since SafeTix was enabled, mobile entry rates skyrocketed – reaching 265,000 scans at SEC venues to date, encompassing 75% of all ticket scans.

Partnership Powered by SafeTix

As the official ticketing partner for SEC, we are thrilled with their quick success! SafeTix instills confidence in both the venue and the fans, assuring them of genuine tickets and reducing fraudulent incidents on event nights. Check out these other key ways that SafeTix technology has changed SEC’s digital ticketing game:

Authenticated Tickets 

SafeTix is instrumental in tackling fraudulent tickets at SEC. With encrypted ticketing technology and rotating barcodes, fans can rest assured knowing their ticket is authentic. Julie shares that before SafeTix, many fans attempted to enter an event with screenshots and forged physical tickets.

SEC’s staff and scanners can detect fake tickets in real-time thanks to SafeTix’s rotating entry token, ensuring that only genuine ticket holders gain access to the show. And ticket troubleshooting can happen live at the entry doors as SafeTix tickets are attached to each fan’s account, allowing for venue staff to quickly find ticketing information in their database.

Streamlined Entry 

Thanks to SafeTix, fans can now get inside and to their seats quicker than ever before. With their phone serving as their ticket, there’s no more digging through bags for physical tickets! Venue staff can effortlessly scan fans’ digital tickets, reducing potential delays. The seamless integration of SafeTix tickets to each fan’s account makes troubleshooting a breeze, allowing venue staff to access ticketing information instantly from their database. 

We are very much in the infancy of SafeTix, however we can already see the benefits, not just from the venue and security point of view, but from a fans perspective. SafeTix gives fans the confidence that the ticket they have is genuine, therefore will hopefully reduce fraudulent tickets on the night of shows. SafeTix, coupled with transfer, has helped speed up the ingress process, with all fans having their own ticket. Communication to fans will be the key in the success of SafeTix. That is from both the venue and Ticketmaster working together to promote SafeTix to fans, helping them understand the benefits and how much work is done behind the scenes to protect the fan.

Julie Carson, Head of Ticketing – Live Entertainment, SEC

SafeTix continues to be a game-changer for the live events industry, giving fans speedy access to their favourite shows and ensuring that ticket security remains a top priority for venue staff. And as the industry continues to embark on its digital transformation, SafeTix is setting the standard for seamless ticketing experiences. A big thank you to Julie for sharing her SafeTix story with us!

Learn more about how our SafeTix technology can improve your events. For current UK-based clients, check out more on SafeTix through our Digital Ticketing Toolkit.

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