Our top ticketing features for Comedy Clubs

As the UK gets ready to re-open venues and clubs across the country, we've pulled together some of our favourite features from our ticketing platforms for comedy clubs.

Our top ticketing features for Comedy Clubs

1. Run your own box office

From ticket purchase to on the door payments and scanning in your fans, you can be the master of your box office with our self service tools on TicketWeb and Universe.

2. Sell directly from your website

We realise you want to maximise your brand and keep users on your own website. All our platforms have ways to sell directly from your website using widgets that are simple to set up. There are also facebook integrations available if you have a page set up already, plus plenty of other opportunities to keep listings on brand.

3. Stagger entry times

You can allocate entry times to your event using any of our ticketing platforms, helping with the flow of visitors and making sure they don’t all rush in at once.

4. Plug into Ticketmaster Marketing

Just by selling your tickets with us you can have you event listed on the Ticketmaster website and be included on some of our fan communications. If you want more support with marketing your events to comedy fans and wider audiences we’re here to help.

5. Contactless on the door payments

With our Universe Box office app or TicketWeb Check-In app you can capture those important walk ups without having to handle cash or have any contact with the customer. The apps scan through glass and perspex for a contact free experience.

6. Integrate your existing tools

If you choose the Universe platform, you can connect hundreds of product tools to share data in real time, so no need to migrate data or information over to us.

Alternatively, if you don’t have much set up don’t worry, we have tools you can use for emailing, reporting and more, and all the data collected is yours to keep.

7. Stream your event

Perhaps your event is sold out, or you just want to give more people across the world the chance to watch the show. Universe is a perfect platform to sell tickets for streamed events in the UK and Internationally. Check out more details here.

If you’re running a free entry event, all of this is free of charge

Our Universe platform has all of these features and is completely free to use. Set up in minutes, and if you decide you do want a little help with marketing or operations, give us a shout.

And there loads more on offer

There are plenty of other solutions for social distancing and track & trace, and ways to optimise your branding, marketing, reach and fan experience.

And don’t forget we can provide dedicated client support, customer support, marketing and on site assistance if you need it, just contact us to find out more.