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What does working with us look like? Every client relationship is different, but we’ve collected answers to common questions to help you understand what that means for you before you get on a
sales call.

What can I expect in terms of client support and response time from Ticketmaster?

At Ticketmaster you don’t have to wait – every client has a dedicated Client Support Specialist and access to around-the-clock support through our Support Community, which even has its very own AI-powered Chat-bot! In addition, we provide an array of self-service tools that offer the flexibility you need to control all aspects of your business from event build to event day.

What specific tools does Ticketmaster offer to maximise marketing opportunities for my event?

Tools, automations and services are all a part of Ticketmaster’s robust marketing engine. Our marketing application within TM1 let’s you place pixels across your event pages, find the right audiences within your database, launch marketing campaigns across Ticketmaster’s on platform ad-network and more – with even more features to come in 2024.

What types of clients does Ticketmaster support? Can Ticketmaster cater to businesses like mine?

Ticketmaster and its subsidiaries have solutions for every event that needs a ticket – regardless of size and/or genre. Our clients range from small grassroots venues, to historical performing arts theatres to global sports leagues and everything in between. 

Is your system PCI compliant and P2PE certified?

Yes. We take compliance very seriously.

What technologies does Ticketmaster use to support my ticketing needs?

Through powerful core ticketing platforms, flexible SDKs, APIs and integrations with partners, we’re able to meet the unique needs of all event organisers.

Can I manage events efficiently using Ticketmaster’s self-service tools?

 Absolutely! Using TM1 Events, you can create and launch an event in less than 8 minutes, while collaborating with other key stakeholders directly within the TM1 app.

Does Ticketmaster only ticket concerts and sports?

Ticketmaster supports all genres of business, all around the world! Our scale ensures we have best practices from family to arts, sports to concerts, and beyond. Ensuring we have the knowledge and insight to help you tailor your ticketing plans to the right type of fan, to maximise your events opportunity.

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