Comedy Ticketing

Ticketmaster is the home of comedy events. From local Comedy Clubs to the biggest names in the comedy business, we have a comedy ticketing solution for you.

Set up in minutes
If you’re keen to get going, you can set up in minutes using our self service ticketing platform Universe.

Run your own Box Office
Empower your team to run the box office, with self service tools for selling, scanning and reporting across our platforms..

Top up your team
There’s a team of experts here at Ticketmaster to support with comedy ticketing, marketing and operations if you need it.

Return To Live
Get all the latest product info and guides to help with social distancing, capacity management and contact tracing.

Set up streaming
If you want to ticket your streamed content or virtual event we can d that too. Click here to view information, resources and guides.


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Fans reached via our affliates

Free tickets

If you want to issue free tickets, here is no cost to do this via the Universe platform.

All the standard tools to create, sell, promote, manage, scan and report will be available to you at no charge.

 Paid tickets 

If you want to sell tickets, contact our expert team who can recommend the right package for you.

Whether you just need to unlock a few more ticketing tools, or want to maximise your Marketing, Customer Service or Operations, we’ll get you what you need to make your event a success.

Ready to ticket your comedy events?