Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I set up ticket sales online?

If you have a simple set up, take a look at Universe and you could get started in just a few clicks. If you have a more complex event or would like make the most of Ticketmaster Marketing, contact us using the online form and the team will get back to you.

What is the best ticketing platform to sell event tickets?

Whether your events are complex or simple, we have a ticketing platform for you. We own Ticketmaster, TicketWeb and Universe and you can opt in for Ticketmaster marketing support with whichever ticketing platform you choose, just get in touch to arrange. If your event is free of charge then go straight to Universe and get going. Otherwise speak to one of our experts who can recommend you the best ticketing platform for your event.

What ticketing tools are available?

It depends on the ticketing platform you choose, however each platform has tools for box office, marketing, branding, scanning and reporting. Visit our resources section  for more information on these tools.

What digital ticketing solutions are available?

We have a lot of options and would love to discuss your goals and needs. Check out our Digital Tickets solution page and contact us if you’d like to find out more.

How do I create my own tickets?

We have printed and digital options to choose from depending on what platform you choose, but all our platforms can autogenerate online tickets for you. Sign up or contact us to get going.

Can I customise my tickets?

There are many ways to customise tickets. With Ticketmaster you can choose to print on your own ticket stock. On e-tickets on Ticketmaster and Ticketweb you can add details.  If you’d like a fully branded souvenir solution opt for our Collector Tickets. Plus, all our digital tickets have copy that can be amended for your event.

How do I create a link for my tickets?

Whatever platform you choose, your event will have an event page which you can grab the URL from.

Can fans transfer their tickets?

Ticket Transfer can be activated on Ticketmaster and Universe ticketing platforms so that fans can send tickets to family and friends, and you can keep tabs on who is attending your event.

What is a Collector Ticket?

Collector Tickets are branded credit card size tickets which are presented on a lanyard. Click here for more information.

Do you offer accessible ticketing?

Our accessible ticketing is available online, and we have a guide to accessible ticketing produced in conjunction with Attitude is Everything.

How do I price event tickets?

Our clients choose the prices of their tickets for events however we do have some pricing tools and reports that may be able to help you. Contact us using the online form and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I sell event tickets online using PayPal?

Our payment options with Ticketmaster include PayPal and Klarna.

Can I sell free events on Ticketmaster?

If you are running a free event there is no cost to selling event tickets online on the Universe platform and no cost to list on the Universe website. If you want to maximise your marketing on Ticketmaster, contact the team.

Can I sell tickets online for charity events?

You can sell tickets for charity events on any of our ticketing platforms. Get started today on Universe or contact us.

Can I add a charity donation to my event?

You can add a charity donation as an upsell before checkout on any of our ticketing platforms. 

How do I create a seating plan?

With Ticketmaster the TM1 Events tools will allow you to design your own seating plan.

Can I do my own event scanning?

All of our ticket platforms have a ticket scanning app you can download, or you can integrate with barcode scanners. If you don’t have scanners let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I keep my customer data?

You can keep all transactional customer data for your events. If you would like to send marketing messaging to customers, they must have opted in to receive marketing messages from you.

Is customer service available for my event?

Our customer service channels and people are world class. If you need particular customer service support with an event, do let us know.

I’d like to discuss an event ticketing strategy, who can I speak to?

Our Client Development Team would be happy to discuss what could work for your event.  Contact us using the online form.

How do I get an Event Ticketing Manager?

Use the webform to contact us and we’ll get you set up with the support that’s right for you.

How much does it cost to sell tickets with Ticketmaster?

Use the webform to contact us and we’ll sort a package that is right for you and your events.


I’d like to discuss marketing strategies for my ticket sales, who can I speak to?

Our Client Development team would be happy to discuss what could work for your event.  Contact us using the online form. Meanwhile there are plenty of resources on our website.

Can I list my event for free?

If you are running a free event there is no cost to selling event tickets online on the Universe platform and no cost to list on the Universe website. However, if you want to maximise your marketing on Ticketmaster, contact the team.

Can I build my own ticket shop?

You can build your own online ticket shop or ticket booking website by using our Amplify tool.  Alternatively you can use our ticketing widgets to allow customers to purchase tickets on your own website.

Do you offer white label ticketing solutions?

Set up white label event ticketing on our Universe platform and we offer many ‘grey label’ solution on Ticketmaster and Ticketweb which allows the fan to stay on your channels until they make their purchase. Our number one brand value is trust, so fans should feel safe and secure transacting with us.

Can I run a pre-registration campaign with Ticketmaster?

We have a pre-registration tool which can help you build audiences for your event before going on sale.

Can I create an online event registration page?

Our Universe platform has a free tool for event registration.

Can I email my customers for marketing purposes?

As long as you include a tick box on your event asking fans to opt in to marketing communications, you can contact the opted-in customers with your marketing messages.

What customer reporting can I do?

There are reporting suites for audience demographics, sales, and event entry. The tools depend on the platform you are using, so please contact us to find out what would be available to you.

Do you offer any marketing analytics tools?

We have a variety of reports on each ticketing platform and can add pixels to events sold on the Ticketmaster and TicketWeb platforms so that you can measure and optimise the success of your own marketing. Our Marketing Managers have access to powerful data tools that look at geo-demographic data and propensity scoring, so if you decide to maximise your marketing on Ticketmaster, we can share our finding with you.

What is the best way to sell event tickets on Facebook?

We have a few social selling articles on our resources section, that have some great tips. If you’re selling event tickets online on Ticketmaster, our partnership with Facebook will make the most out of you Facebook events, and on TicketWeb and Universe you can sell directly from your own Facebook page quickly and easily.

How do I sell more tickets to an event?

There are plenty of resources on our website to help you maximise sales, and if you are a client with a Marketing Manager, please do reach out to them and use their expertise.

Call I sell and promote my events in other countries using Ticketmaster?

You can sell and promote events internationally with Ticketmaster. We sell tickets in 32 countries across the world. Let us know your plans and our expert teams can assist. 

When is the next Ticketmaster flash sale?

Ticketmaster flash sales can happen several times a year. Follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

Can I set up an ambassador scheme?

All our ticketing platforms  allow referral tracking so that you can see how many tickets your ambassadors have been selling for your events.

Where can I find the Ticketmaster logo and brand guidelines?

Is Ticketmaster marketing available if you use the Universe ticketing platform?

Yes – to sign up for Ticketmaster marketing for your event, please contact us.


Where is the Ticketmaster office?

We have four permanent offices in the UK; London, Manchester, Stoke and Glasgow, but we travel around the UK to visit our clients and events.

Who do Ticketmaster partner with?

Our charity partners are Music Venue Trust, Cancer Research UK and Nordoff Robbins.

Our strategic marketing partners include Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Bands In Town and Songkick.

For our technology partners click here.

What ticket selling sites does Ticketmaster own?

We run, and

If you want to sell free tickets we suggest you use our Universe ticketing platform. Otherwise, please contact us and we can help you find the right platform for your event.