When spending money on marketing, you want to make sure you are reaching the people who are most likely to buy your tickets.

Ticketmaster.co.uk receives 78 million unique visitors a year, and with an average of 48 million-page views a month we know all the data on what fans are browsing and buying.

We realised we can never run enough campaigns to reach all of these people all of the time, so we invite promoters and venues that we work with to advertise their events own using our programmatic advertising service.

How does it work?

Ticketmaster Programmatic retargets the fans that browse and buy tickets on Ticketmaster channels, serving them your event ads on their favourite websites and social feeds.

The campaign can target those we know have browsed or bought for your events in the past, look-a-like fans with the similar interests or behaviours and fans that are interested in other specific genres, and we will always focus on the fans who are the most engaged.

The campaign will learn and optimise activity based on results, and you’ll get reports and recommendations from our expert team so you can keep up to speed with how your campaign is progressing.

Why run a campaign with Ticketmaster?

It’s the only way you can serve ad campaigns to Ticketmaster data, and we have a huge pot live entertainment fans right across the globe.

The sheer volume of data and the fact that these people have come to a retail site ready to spend money on an event makes this data incredibly powerful to sell your tickets and can enhance the power of your campaigns without compromising your own audiences.

With a minimum budget a campaign can generate 1.5 million impressions and x4 ROI, and we have plenty of case studies we can share based on your event type which top this.

Want to use TM data to sell tickets for your event?

We can set you up in a matter of weeks. Once you’ve confirmed your campaign with the team and sent us your assets, we’ll take care of the rest. You can run ads in various formats including mobile, video and social.

Contact your Ticketmaster Marketing Manager for more information and to book your campaign. If you don’t currently sell your tickets through Ticketmaster and want to sign up, contact us.