The immersive experience featured digital installations using video projection mapping, plus theatrical sets and audio-visual presentations. The exhibition showed the role that animals – from Lions to Pigeons have played in shaping the city from the Roman era right through to present day.

Here’s what Jack Stanley – Marketing Campaigns Manager for the Museum of London had to say about working on the exhibition’s campaign with Ticketmaster…


When we put Beasts of London on sale with Ticketmaster on 14 January 2019, we weren’t looking to sell a particular % of tickets.

Our objective was to make tickets available through other channels than our website, in order to reach families who would be interested in the content of the experience but might not have heard of or visited the Museum of London previously.

It was also a way of providing profile for the experience at a point when it had already been on sale for 2 months and we were looking to boost our presence in the family experiences and attractions market, particularly post-holidays when families were starting to plan ahead for other holiday periods.


Ticketmaster were fantastic at providing coverage on their channels throughout the exhibition run, particularly at holiday periods and peak times for family visits. This gave us additional profile at key moments for the experience to drive sales.

We were regularly featured in the TM Minimaster newsletter promoting family experiences, and we were also included in the summer days out guide.

The examples ran before May Half Term and at the start of the summer holidays respectively, demonstrating Ticketmaster’s strengths in planning and sending well-timed marketing messages to its audience with information relevant to their interests. 

Days Out Guide

Ticketmaster allowed us to reach over 1,400,000 subscribers and a new database of potential visitors, giving us extensive marketing coverage which helped us build presence for Beasts of London at key moments.


Throughout the exhibition run, whenever we spoke to TM about when we were looking to run features on their website, social channels and emails, the team were always incredibly helpful in making sure that we featured in relevant coverage and this helped provide supplementary layers of marketing on top of the activity we were running through the museum’s channels.


In turn, this helped us reach a final overall ticket total of 70,790, and the great experience we had with Beasts of London is the reason we approached Ticketmaster about running a pre-sale for our next exhibition in the same gallery space, Executions.