Improve efficiency and fan experience

1. Reduce fan enquiries: With quick, convenient and reliable ticket delivery 

Even if the barcode isn’t delivered straight away, a placeholder sits in the fas account so they know their tickets are on their way. In our 2019 survey on mobile adoption, 77% of fans said that mobile tickets are convenient.

2. Fast and frictionless entry: With just one type of ticket to scan

When MAMA Group introduced digital tickets to their festivals, Rory Bett, CEO of Lovebox and Citadel promoter MAMA commented: “This was our first foray into using mobile tickets at Lovebox and Citadel and we’re pleased to say it was huge success. It was one of the most effortless experiences we’ve had getting fans on site, and quick, too.” Read the full article here.

Improve your marketing 

3. Grow your database: with Ticket Transfer

When a ticket is transferred it needs to sit in a Ticketmaster Account, so many new accounts can be created as a result. 3161 new emails have been added to the SEC database via Ticket Transfer. Read the case study here.

4. Target your database more effectively

Learn more about your attendees with Ticket Transfer so that you can sell and upsell products your fans will love.

Increase Sales

5. Capture last minute sales: sell right up to the main act

There’s no need to go off sale hours before the show. With digital tickets you can stay on sale until the main act, maximising those last-minute sales and walk ups. You can even offer upgrades and upsells last minute for those who are in the mood for a treat.

Go contact-free

6. Contactless transfer: fans can transfer tickets to family and friends

In our 2019 survey on digital tickets, 1 in 10 utilised ticket transfer for friends and family and 57% would used the function in future.  The main reason (75%) for not transferring was that they were happy to keep hold of all the tickets, but with contactless being more important than ever we envisage many more fans opted to transfer their tickets before a show.

7. Remove the physical box office: with online purchase, delivery and fan support

With your last minute sales and upgrades happening online, there’s no need for a Box Office on site. Also the barcodes on digital tickets can be scanned through glass or perspex, or can be self scanned by utilising the Janam Pedestal to help keep your fans and staff safe.

Safety first

8. Know who is in your venue: with Ticket Transfer

Knowing who is in our venue and what happens with our tickets is crucial for event delivery, more important now than ever due to track and trace requirements.” – SEC. Read the case study here.

9. Reduce ticket fraud: with animated bar codes and names on tickets

Back in early 2019 when our mobile tickets were static we already saw 100% digital shows such as Carly Rae Jepsen at XOYO see very little tickets on secondary sites. Now with our animated tickets screengrabs are completely eliminated, keeping tickets in the hands of real fans.

In 2021 we’ve gone a step further by adding the name of the ticket owner, which will be updated if the ticket is transferred or sold.

Go eco-friendly

10. Be sustainable: Switch to mobile tickets and save paper.

A key focus for our venue and our naming rights partner is our sustainable goals.   Removing paper tickets and switching to digital is a positive step on our journey.” – SEC. Read the case study here.

To find out more and to make the switch contact your Ticketmaster representative.

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