Ticketmaster Box Office team at Eurovision 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest has become a beloved global music competition, captivating music lovers worldwide. This year’s grand final, held in Liverpool, garnered the highest viewership in Eurovision history. Ticketmaster’s partnership played a pivotal role in the success of the event. 

With a seamless ticketing experience, innovative features, management of high demand, and commitment to customer support, Ticketmaster continues to deliver exceptional ticketing solutions for the biggest events in the country. 

The overwhelming demand for Eurovision tickets each year underscores fans’ eagerness to be part of this extraordinary event. To address the demand, Ticketmaster implemented various strategies. Innovative technologies like Smart Queue and SafeTix ensured a seamless and secure ticketing experience. These products were integral to the ticketing process, enabling fans to easily purchase tickets and providing protection against unauthorised reselling. 

Smart Queue

When purchasing tickets for Eurovision, Smart Queue allowed fans to track their position in the ticket queue and receive real-time updates on availability and release dates, minimising uncertainty. This feature also provided improved protection against ticket-buying bots, ensuring genuine Eurovision fans had fair access to tickets. 


SafeTix, Ticketmaster’s encrypted mobile tickets, employ cutting-edge technology designed with fans in mind. These tickets come with robust fraud and counterfeit protection, granting Eurovision control over ticket distribution and providing fans with effortless entry. SafeTix provided the following benefits: 

  • Fraud reduction: Rotating barcodes refreshed every 15 seconds, providing each fan’s mobile phone with a unique, identifiable digital ticket.
  • Offline Entry: SafeTix barcodes could refresh even when offline and could be accessed offline through the Ticketmaster app with SDK enabled. 
  • Swift Entry with Near Field Communication (NFC): If a fan’s phone supported NFC technology, they could save their ticket to their mobile wallet and simply “tap” to swiftly enter the event. 
  • Easy Transfer: Fans could transfer or sell tickets directly from their Ticketmaster account, and once accepted, a new SafeTix barcode was generated exclusively for the recipient. 

Customer support and satisfaction is always the priority, and Ticketmaster ensured Eurovision attendees had access to various support channels throughout the ticketing journey. This included online assistance, helplines, and on-site support during the event.  

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