How to monetise a podcast | Tips from CMU Insights at AIM House

A few weeks ago we tuned into AIM House’ online session about The Podcast Business hosted by CMU’s Chris Cooke.

How to monetise a podcast | Tips from CMU Insights at AIM House

There were some great insights and advice from the session…

Podcasts are big business

Podcast listeners in the UK have doubled over the past five years. The session showed that there are 7.1 Million Weekly Listeners in the UK with a year on year increase of 24%.

One in eight people listen to podcasts.

CMU Insights

How can you monetise a podcast?

1) On air advertising

Build your audience first before pitching to sponsors, and geotarget your ads if you can.

2) Affiliate links

Place advertising on your site and earn for business that you refer.

3) Create merchandise

Podcasters are creating and selling posters, hats, stickers, totes, mugs and more.

4) 24/48 hour access passes

If you have a good following and have exclusive content or you can get an incredible guest to feature then an access pass may work.

5) Donations

If you’re not well known and just need to cover costs then the donation approach may work to keep your podcast running.

A note on using music

If you want to use music, make sure it’s pre-cleared. You can either:

  • download royalty free music
  • work with an artist who own their own rights
  • get label approval along with a PRS license

Final thought

Podcasting isn’t just for the pro’s. So along with the increase in listeners, hopefully more people will be inspired to create content too.