Case study: How Cuffe & Taylor use the scaling tool in TM1 Events

Music, Theatre & Festival promoter Cuffe & Taylor have been using the scaling tool in TM1 Events over the past few years to price and plan ticket inventory for their events.

We caught up with Joe Robinson – Senior Event Manager, Rachael Sant – Event Ticketing Manager and team at Cuffe & Taylor about how they use the tool and the impact it has had on their ticketing >

How has the scaling tool impacted Cuffe & Taylor event set up?

The scaling tool has provided us with complete visibility of a venue, allowing the promoters to accurately price the venue and to visualise the customers view and experience at the concert. Scaling also provides a simple financial summary report which helps managers to identify opportunity and forecast more accurately.

Scaling’s functionality saves a significant amount of time. Managers can change prices and allocations and see the impact of the adjustments in seconds, helpful when often the turnaround time for a show from being confirmed to on sale can be limited.

The tool has also made it easier to communicate changes to our Client Account Managers. We can replicate the exact changes exactly on the scaling tool and submit to them.

What can you do with the Scaling tool that you couldn’t do previously?

‘See’ the venue. It’s so important for promoters to be able to visualise a customer’s experience. Of course site visits are still important but scaling helps reduce the number of visits and gives confidence to managers when changes are made. For example you can highlight all the ‘kill’ seats on scaling from one site visit and be confident that no seats should be sold beyond that point.

Tracking progress using scaling is enormously beneficial as we can save various versions of the same venue when, for example, a pricing exercise is required. Seeing a sold plan is useful for production teams to understand the potential impact a production change may have on, for example, sightlines.

It also makes it easier to sense check venues once on sale – as the inventory should match scaling, and we are able to see a direct comparison from our submission.

What feature of the Scaling tool do you use the most or like the most?

The speed of the seat/area selection and the ability to apply different prices and instantly see the financial effect these adjustments make. 

Operationally, being able to see the different price breaks, holds and kill seats in different colours makes life easier when liaising with artists or even the venues themselves.