With this in mind, we want to help our partners reduce the amounts of empty places in the crowd by promoting Ticket Exchange which allows fans to sell tickets to each other with the peace-of-mind and reliability that Ticketmaster provides.

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To make it easier for you to educate fans about Ticket Exchange on your own channels, we have ads for you to download.

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For a one stop explanation about Ticket Exchange, visit and link to our Ticket Exchange landing page.


Our Ticketmaster Help Desk is the portal managed by our Customer Service team. It holds hundreds of articles, is updated daily by our Customer Services team and as a result 96% of fans find an answer to their query on our help desk.

96% of fans find an answer to their query on our help desk

Fans can search whatever query they choose on Fan-to-Fan Ticket Exchange in the search box, which will likely route them to our Ticket Exchange FAQ secion where they can link off to a troubleshooting guides or a frequently asked question.

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