In our series, ‘Leading in Live Entertainment,’ Ticketmaster proudly showcases women making strides in the industry to celebrate Women’s History Month. In our fourth part of the series, meet Laura Rycroft, General Manager at Epic Studios. From childhood dreams of being a pop-star to making moves in a Grassroots venue and being part of MVT, learn what it means to contribute to the evolution of the live entertainment industry as a businesswoman.

What did you dream of doing when you were younger?

A criminal psychologist, although like most young girls growing up, I often sang into my hairbrush dreaming of being a popstar! Music has always been a huge part of my life. I never ended up going into psychology, with a passion for cars I joined the motor trade before running my own automotive recruitment company.

How did you get started in live entertainment?

After several years in the automotive sector I was in need of a new challenge, so I joined a youth charity as an interim CEO running a multipurpose venue hosting conferences, live music, and events before moving on to Epic Studios three years ago.

What advice would you give to young women who want to enter the entertainment industry?

There are few people that can honestly say that they enjoy their jobs, I am one of the lucky few! It can be hard work and long hours but the variety it offers and being able to stand and watch an awesome sell out gig that you have been part of is something to be proud of.

In your opinion, what are the key qualities that make a great leader in live?

I strongly believe that being a team player and leading by example is important, whether its sweeping the floor, working on the bar, running an event, or dealing with the accounts; it’s all equally important in order to deliver the end result. That attitude sets the tone for the whole team, although I am very lucky that I have a team that are all passionate about what they do!

How would you like to contribute to the evolution of the live entertainment industry and what impact do you hope to leave behind as your legacy? 

Working in a Grassroots venue and being part of MVT, it has become apparent how much of a struggle it can be for smaller venues to survive. I want to work collaboratively with grassroots venues to ensure that we are here to stay. Without these venues, many of the artists we know of today may never have been discovered. Not only this, but grassroots venues play a vital role in the community and positively impact mental health by promoting social engagement and creating memorable experiences.

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