Host a ‘call to action’ on your homepage

Your homepage is likely where you get a majority of traffic to your website. By hosting a ‘call to action’ here you’re getting a wider reach that may result in more gift card purchases.

The link can be anything from a hyperlink to a button or a banner, but generally the higher you have your link on the homepage more chance it will have of reaching your fans.

Include a banner in your emails

Banners are the norm in email communications, so why not try a banner about your gift cards.

The huge plus about organic email communications is targeting, so you can include the banner to the audiences that are relevant.

Regular social posts

It’s likely you’ve already posted about your gift cards on your social media channels, but make sure you post regularly to ensure you reach fans at a time they would be looking to buy.

Key times of the year such as Valentine’s Day and exam results are not to be missed, but you never know when there are celebrations, congratulations and thank yous to be had.

If you’re selling tickets with Ticketmaster and are interested in a co-branded gift card, please contact your Ticketmaster representative.

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