The day has come for event organisers, promoters and venues across England to make their full return to live.

We’ve looked at fan activity on our site since the government confirmed the easing of restrictions on 12 July, and there are still millions of fans on our site with over 1.7 million sessions on our website last week alone.

According to our on-site fan survey, purchase confidence is up again, this time by 12% since this time last month, and live events have made their way back to the top lifestyle purchase that fans are looking forward to making alongside travel and holidays.

When are fans planning to return to live?

1 in 2 fans are booking for an event less than 3 months away. If we look back at the same week in 2019, 2 in 5 fans were booking for an event within 3 months, so fans really are keen to get back to live events as soon as they can.

What are fans purchasing for?

Fans are buying tickets for events across all genres especially music and festivals, and family events are making a solid comeback owning 15% of overall ticket sales last week in comparison to 5% this time in 2019.

Who is booking?

Fans from every age range are booking for events, and more Gen Z fans are booking than ever. 1 in 5 fans booking tickets are 18-24 years old, in comparison with just 10% in 2019.

So as more events go on sale and go live, it’s clear that fans can’t wait to snap up tickets for events they love – and we’ll be right there with them.

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