In a historic announcement at the prestigious Sports Technology Awards, Ticketmaster was selected as an inaugural inductee into the Sports Technology Hall of Fame alongside some of the world’s most innovative sports technology brands.

Ticketmaster has revolutionised the sports industry by seamlessly integrating technology into the ticketing process. Their innovative solutions have simplified ticket purchasing, improved stadium access, and elevated the overall fan experience. We are thrilled to welcome Ticketmaster into the Hall of Fame and acknowledge their immense contributions over the years.”

Ticketmaster was recognised for its significant contributions to the industry with cutting-edge ticketing solutions, including the integration of blockchain technology, NFT digital collectibles, and mobile ticketing. In close partnership with our clients, Ticketmaster continues to transform live events, leaving a lasting impact on the way fans experience sports across the globe.

Dorothy Abrams, Vice President of Global Product Marketing, and Christopher Tweed-Kent, General Manager of NFT Ticketing, accept the STA Hall of Fame Award on behalf of Ticketmaster

We are honoured to be inducted into the Sports Technology Hall of Fame, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation alongside our clients to create even more seamless and engaging experiences for fans worldwide in the years to come.

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