Ricky Gervais is donating £1.9 million to support animal charities from profits generated by Platinum ticket sales during his record-breaking Armageddon tour. All Platinum tickets for the tour were exclusively sold through Ticketmaster. 

I hope the dogs, cats, rhinos and monkeys invest this money wisely, because when my career goes tits up I’ll need it back.” .

Ricky Gervais

In an effort to take action against ticket touts, Platinum tickets for the Armageddon tour went on sale to guarantee premium seats at market rates, with the extra profits split evenly across donations to ELEVEN different worldwide animal charities: 

  • All Dogs Matter 
  • Animal SOS Sri Lanka 
  • Catastrophes Cat Rescue 
  • Chaldon Animal Sanctuary 
  • Dogs On The Streets 
  • Helping Rhinos 
  • Millions of Friends 
  • Mira Dogs 
  • Paws2Rescue 
  • PDSA 
  • Wild Futures 

Ricky Gervais’s generous donation to these charities, facilitated by Ticketmaster sales, exemplifies how Platinum tickets not only grant fans secure and fair access to the most in-demand tickets but also serve as a powerful force for positive impact.

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