In October 2019 Ticketmaster launched an industry first online booking process for disabled fans in the UK that provides fair access to tickets and reduces friction for fans with accessible requirements.

Over 65 venues and festivals now offer accessible tickets online with Ticketmaster, including general admission events at venues such as The Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow. New venues across the UK are launching with Ticketmaster’s online accessible tickets too, including the purpose-built ABBA Arena where ABBA Voyage opens next week, and Co-op Live which is currently being built in Manchester and opening in 2023.

Utilita Arena in Newcastle is one of the venues that have been selling accessible tickets online with Ticketmaster:

“I was concerned some customers would struggle to understand what they were purchasing and how to purchase, but it’s very straight forward and the majority of customers not only feel confident booking their own tickets but also prefer picking their own seats/areas. This has also reduced venue work load quite significantly.”

Helen Carson, Ticketing Manager at Utilita Arena, Newcastle

Since the launch, over 23,000 accessible tickets have been sold online via Ticketmaster, and the ticket type is being applied to more events every week.

Access First

Ticketmaster is proud to be part of Attitude is Everything’s Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition, and is committed to giving disabled fans the very best experience.

In 2019 we released our Access First guide, created to help the whole industry provide the very best experience for disabled fans from booking tickets through to accessing the event.

Ticketmaster’s research and development in accessible ticketing led to a UK nomination for the “Ticketing Without Barriers” award at the Outstanding Attitude Awards 2019 held by Attitude is Everything.

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