There are plenty of ways that it can be utilised by event organisers and venues to benefit fan experience and event operations. Here are just a few…

  • Help people find your pop up venue

If you have an event in a temporary structure you can help attendees, staff, artists and vendors find it quickly and easily by sharing the what3words address.

  • Make entrance gates easy to find

If you have an event in a park or large outdoor area, you can share the what3words address of the entrance gates to help navigate fans into the event safely. You could do the same for backstage entrances and load in areas too.

  • Help fans find their way onsite

If your event is in a large space with multiple areas, a what3words address can help fans find the nearest toilet, ramps and lifts for disabled access, water points, emergency exits, food and bars, VIP areas, merch stalls, stages, camp sites, car parks and more.

  • Assist security and medical teams

Communicate the exact location of an incident to help security and medical teams to get there as quickly as possible. In the UK most Emergency Services use what3words to locate 999 callers and coordinate a faster response.

How to set up and promote your what3words addresses

Find the location using the what3words map or app, and add your what3words address eg. ///limit.broom.flip to your communications to fans, vendors, artists and the like.

Contact us if you’d like to add your what3words addresses to your venue or event communications on Ticketmaster.

To see how other event organisers are using what3words, click here.

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