This year our teams have continued to develop our technology to deliver the best experience for fans across the UK. Here are a few examples…

Enhancing event discovery

To make sure fans stay in the know about events and artists they will love, we’ve introduced two new newsletters, personally tailored to each fan.

The ‘Your Mix’ newsletter recommends artists who are touring soon based on the events a fan has previously purchased and interacted with on Ticketmaster, helping them to discover new artists while also keeping up to date on the artists they love.

The second newsletter is for fans who are loyal to their city, recommending events on their doorstep so that fans don’t miss out.

We’ve made it easier for fans to discover more events and venues on our website by showing even more ‘Top Suggestions’ on search results pages than ever before, optimised and ranked by relevancy.

Maximising the event experience

We’ve added an ‘Experience’ section to our artist pages to showcase upsells like hospitality and activities, so that every fan can make their experience extra special.

This year we’ve also added hotel packages to the mix for festivals, tours and events so that fans can make a night, weekend or holiday out of their experience. Click here to find out more and add hotel packages to your events.

And to make life even easier, we’ve added more info than ever before to a fan’s ticket so that when they arrive at an event they will know what entrance, car park or campsite to go to all with one glance.

Even more information

We’ve added a ‘Location’ section to our Event and Artist pages which can hold maps, parking and travel information, and is especially useful for fans attending festivals and pop-up venues.

We also now include venue information in ‘Event Reminder’ emails to fans on topics like Accessibility, Parking, Travel, Food & Beverages, Timings/Queueing, Security, Cloakroom and Payment Methods to ensure fans have the most seamless experience possible.

Empowering fans

Our fan MyAccount has had several upgrades this year, putting more control into the hands of fans when managing their own tickets.

At the start of the year, we improved the design and navigation and added imagery to make individual orders even easier to find.

To increase account security, we’ve now introduced Multi-Factor Authentication when fans update their phone number and email address.

Next came the introduction of ‘Smart Help’ allowing fans to request fan support 24 hours a day directly through MyAccount. 1 in 3 requests have been solved without any agent input this year, making life that much easier for fans. And the learning gathered from this service has made our teams even more aware of the needs of fans and how to serve them more effectively and efficiently.

A souvenir for fans

As events and venues switch to digital tickets, many fans have been missing that paper ticket to pin on their wall and cherish forever.

This year we introduced Souvenir Tickets on many events so that fans get a paper ticket with their digital one as a keepsake, printed on Carbon Captured paper stock.

If you’re interested in adding Souvenir Tickets to your events or anything else covered in this article, please contact your Ticketmaster representative or use our contact us form.

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