In April, we celebrate Earth Month, an initiative that aims to promote environmental awareness and consciousness about the issues affecting mother nature.

Ticketmaster is marking the occasion by partnering with green train booking service, Train Hugger. Train Hugger’s mission is to restore the British countryside, with a third of all its revenue going to UK environmental causes, including the planting of climate resilient trees and the restoration of wildflower meadows. 

Ticketmaster will promote Train Hugger to their customers, encouraging gig-goers and music lovers to book the train with Train Hugger; every booking will be one tree planted in the UK. 

Edmund Caldecott, CEO of Train Hugger, said “We are simply delighted with the possibilities of this partnership. Ticketmaster has a unique opportunity to introduce Train Hugger to people when they need to travel. Together this partnership could plant an unbelievable number of trees.”

Edmund Caldecott

CEO of Train Hugger

Given Train Hugger’s green credentials, the team is really excited about this partnership. We sell millions of tickets every year, so the potential here is vast and we could hopefully see millions of trees planted across the UK together.”

Andrew Parsons

Managing Director, Ticketmaster UK

Train Hugger work in partnership with the Royal Forestry Society and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society, to help create a network of diverse, climate resilient woodlands across the country. 

To find out more about Train Hugger visit their website here. 

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