Contactless Entry Janam

Contactless entry is now a reality. With a Janam scanner, pedestal and TM1 Entry, fans can now scan their own tickets when they enter an event.

How it works for fans

  1. When a fan enters the venue, the scanner will invite them to scan their ticket.
  2. The Self Scan mode means fans simply hold their ticket up to the scanner.
  3. Once validated, a welcome message is clearly shown indicating the fan can enter the venue.
  4. If there is an issue, the scanner will instruct the fan to ask for help.

Easy to set up

The pedestals are designed for self installation, so the scanner clips on in seconds.

With the intuitive TM1 Entry app there’s no need to select a scanning mode, the scanner is ready to accept tickets as soon as it’s placed in the pedestal.

The pedestal is easy to move and can be used at indoor or outdoor events where shelter is available.

Real time reporting

To keep an eye on your capacity, TM1 Entry provides an accurate view of how often fans are entering the venue and at which entrances, all in real time.

Get set up for contactless entry

Whether you just need a pedestal to get started, need to upgrade to TM1 Entry or need the whole package, contact your Ticketmaster representative for this contactless entry solution.

If you’re not a client and would like to sell tickets through Ticketmaster, please contact us.

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