In the third article of Ticketmaster’s Behind the Scenes series, we focus on creating a successful theatre strategy for 2024 by exploring the world of social media. 

In 2023, 78% of fans claim to source information about theatre productions through social media channels. Back in 2013, a mere 2-3% of fans used social media for theatre-related information. The growth since 2013 has been nothing short of extraordinary. The ease with which fans can share news about upcoming shows with their friends has played a pivotal role. Not surprisingly, our research also reveals that 47% of fans prefer attending theatre with their friends. 

At Ticketmaster, we take pride in the size of our database and our strategy goes beyond email outreach. We can help reach prospective, look-a-like audiences through our paid social channels, and further drive conversion through retargeting. Armed with a wealth of data, we navigate social channels to identify and engage with prospective audiences. Our collaboration with clients involves tailoring messages to specific demographics. 

By tapping into the Ticketmaster database, you can grow your audience by engaging with them where they’re most active, and converting that engagement into ticket sales. 

We’re all about maximising impact through strategic channel focus. Our primary emphasis lies in leveraging paid channels to enhance visibility, while our organic channels serve as the ideal platforms for announcing new shows and sharing fresh, engaging material.  

Our team constantly explores the latest advertising formats, such as Picnic and Canvas, to serve up the most engaging content. This commitment to innovation ensures that our campaigns stand out in a crowded digital landscape. 

At Ticketmaster, our paid ads are delivering tangible results. Our campaigns boast an impressive 300-1500% return on investment. 

We are also seeing remarkable results on Return on Advert Spend. Notably, one show’s retargeting achieved an ROI of 7,124%, while the combined Retargeting & Prospecting ROI reached an impressive 2,480%. 

Let us help you reach thousands of new prospective fans through our performance marketing channels. Reach out to us today here

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