In part two of our series, we continue our conversation with Greg Parmley, the Co-Founder of the International Festival Forum (IFF). This time, we delve deeper and touch on IFF’s relocation, what attendees can expect, and the impact IFF holds.

Why the move from Camden, over the river to Omeara?

The first edition of IFF started with just 400 delegates and grown over the years to the point that we simply ran out of room in Camden. Omeara is one of London’s best venues – the production and team that run it are top-class. So we’re definitely stepping up a gear this year – the whole team is excited for delegates to see it!”

What can attendees look forward to at IFF?

“The programme is a mix of artist showcases hosted by our booking agency and country partners, a lot of socials, lunches and dinners, speed meetings, pop-up agency offices and a conference programme on top.  But so much of the event is purely about people getting together and meeting one another.

We always joke that the best version of IFF would simply be a hall with a bar in one end and plenty of seating. IFF hosts many of the world’s most creative live music professionals – as much as we put a lot of time into the schedule, ultimately they set their own agenda!”



What lasting impressions will attendees carry with them from IFF 2023?

IFF is very social, it’s a place to catch up with colleagues and friends and make a lot of new ones. If someone takes the time to attend and doesn’t leave with a host of new contacts and ideas, or having discovered some great new music, then we’re doing something wrong!”

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