With over 333 billion daily emails sent and received worldwide in 2022, and the number continuing to grow in 2023, it’s more important than ever to have a solid email marketing strategy to help you stand out in the crowd. A great approach keeps your fans in the loop and increases engagement, helping grow your database to drive even more conversions. As a Ticketmaster client, you get market-leading tools supported by a team of marketing experts, so you know your email marketing is always ahead of the industry trends and innovation.

Check out these six easy tips to improve your email marketing today:

1. Segment Your Audience

Different audiences have different interests and by segmenting your lists, you can present announcements or special offers that matter to each individual. For example, segment by fans with high click-through rates from previous campaigns, get in touch with past purchasers and look at demographics such as age, gender, location and day-to-day interests. Not only does this allow you to target your message to the right crowd, but it also lets you better manage your communication cadence by not inundating the same group over and over again with irrelevant information.   

2. Plan Ahead

Take a high-level view of what’s on your radar this year — seasons, holidays or local events. Planning your email content in advance ensures you can keep a regular cadence that meets fan expectations and helps deepen your fan relationships. And by sending content relevant to what’s happening at the moment, you are more interesting to a reader, increasing your campaign engagement!

3. Think Visually

If your email looks better, it will be more engaging to your fans – design and layout are equally as important as the content. Remember to reduce friction: a simple, clear, attractive email makes it easier for your fans to understand what action they should take. Consider your font colour and size for readability, leverage data points for personalisation, include a footer and review how your email renders on both mobile and desktop. The bottom line: invest and be intentional in your look to engage and convert fans. 

4. It All Begins with the Subject Line

Every day people’s inboxes are filled with various brands and competing organisations asking for their attention. Get noticed with a compelling subject line that is personable, engaging and catchy. Be clever. Be relevant. Be on brand.  Additionally, adding a dynamic variable within your email, like a name placeholder, is so simple yet will bring next-level personalisation to your fan communication.

5. Stay the Course

Internal checklists are essential to ensure each email deploys without a hitch. Streamline and label your process, from start to finish, for consistently executed campaigns. Your checklist should include everything from stakeholder reviews to email compliance checks, grammar and spelling to link embed checks. No detail is too big or too small when managing your brand and your fans. 

6. Track, Report, Improve

Each and every email you send should be tracked and reported. These learnings will help you derive trends, help you to further tailor your segments and will give you visibility into areas of opportunity for future emails. Some key metrics to consider when tracking include open, clickthrough and conversion rates. Pro tip – if your email campaigns are underperforming, a low open rate will indicate the subject line is not relevant, your audience is composed of a wide variety of subscribers or you may be sending out too many or too few campaigns. Overall, you should always be testing, analysing and improving. 

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