Here are five ways you can maximise those first few days of sales and hit the ground running.

1. Get your upsells and packages set up

If you’re planning to offer merchandise, travel, VIP and other add-ons to your event, make sure you have them live for fans to purchase as part of a package or as an upsell when your event goes on sale.

You are more likely to sell these add ons during the sale of the ticket than by offering the upsells to fans after they purchase, and it’s a much better experience for the fan, especially if there are logistics such as accommodation and car parking to sort.

2. Get your ad campaigns live

If you’re going to run a programmatic ad campaign for your event, having it live for announcement or on-sale gives you the best chance of retargeting the influx of engaged fans that visit your event pages for more info, and helps convert interest into sales.

You’ll also be making the most of the announcement and on-sale buzz to your wider audiences, and the earlier you start your campaign, the quicker the ad platform will learn and optimise your ads for the best results.

3. Connect with your event partners

No matter how big your database, it is always an advantage to work with event partners to get the word out. Ticketmaster affiliates can sell as much as 20% of tickets for an event thanks to our preferred partner deals.

Some event partners will have thousands of events sent to them each week and you may need a little extra to cut through with your message. Whether or not you are a preferred partner, offering something exclusive such as a line-up announcement, a presale or an offer can help get you heard and featured.

4. Be ready to capture demand

It can be difficult to judge the demand of your onsale until it happens.

Get access to all the reports and insights that show engagement from your announcement, both from your own marketing channels and from any other organisations who are helping to promote your event.

Running a presale can often help you assess how busy the main on sale will be, and if you do think your event will sell out, setting up a waiting list can help you capture the demand for extra tickets and shows.

5. Set up your tracking

You can learn a lot about your fans, your user journeys and the demand during the announcements and on-sale.

Make sure you know what reporting you have access to, and set up any pixel tracking before the on-sale takes place so you can assess all on-sale activity,

Analysing any drop offs in user journey will help you spot what is holding back the fan from making the purchase, for example the price or the line-up, and help you optimise the offering and messaging to increase sales.

At Ticketmaster we can help with all of the above, including programmatic campaigns to our Ticketmaster data. Speak to your Ticketmaster representative or contact us to discuss your options.

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