As well as the flexible set up options, there are plenty of free features you can switch on that will make things better and easier for you and your guests.

Here are our top 5:

1. Custom questions

You can ask guests what food and drink they will be ordering to help you manage your stock levels, or even ask them for feedback. The fields can be completely customised to suit you with tick boxes, drop downs, free fields and more.

2. Waiting lists

Capture demand with our waiting list feature. If you’re all booked up for the days and times you have listed, guests can sign up to a waiting list which will notify them when slots become available. If you’d rather approve registrations as you go, you can switch that feature on too.

3. Ticket Transfer

While we still have social distancing, your guests might not arrive together. The ticket transfer option allows the booker to send unique registration details to everyone in their group and helps you keep track of everyone who has arrived.

4. Scan in with your smartphone

No fancy gadgets needed if you want to scan your guests in and know exactly who you have within your space. Just download the free Universe Box Office App for iPhone or Android and turn your smartphone into a scanner whenever you need it.

5. Start a mailing list

If you’re a local business who doesn’t have a mailing list but would like an effective way to start, you can ask guests if they would like to sign up during the registration process by using custom questions or by signing up to MailChimp and entering the API key in your Universe set up.

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