Heavy Music Awards

Key Takeaways:

  1. The HMAs 2024 will feature an unforgettable lineup of top rock and metal artists.
  2. Since its inception in 2017, the HMAs have evolved to prioritise artists and maintain impartiality while fostering a positive and inclusive environment for the diverse heavy music community.
  3. The HMAs contribute significantly to the heavy music scene by boosting artists profiles, supporting charitable causes, and strengthening the bond between fans and artists through strategic partnerships, such as with Ticketmaster.

In anticipation of the Heavy Music Awards 2024, we had the pleasure of speaking with Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards. Since their inception in 2017, the awards have grown to become a pivotal event in the heavy music calendar, known for their dedication to celebrating the best in rock and metal while maintaining a unique, impartial approach. As headline sponsors, we are excited to share Andy’s insights on what attendees can expect on the 22nd August 2024, how the awards have evolved, and the significant impact they have on the heavy music community.

1. What can attendees expect at the Heavy Music Awards 2024?

“Another huge celebration of the year’s best rock and metal! Because the format of the HMAs means we don’t choose the finalists or the winners, the one thing we can control is the line-up of performing artists and trying to make sure everyone in the room has a great night.”

2. How has the Heavy Music Awards evolved since its inception?

“Since we started in 2017 the focus has always been on putting artists first, and making sure we stay totally impartial. It’s much more exciting and satisfying for us to be one step removed in that way and let the HMAs evolve in their own way. 

We have had to face challenges that have shaped how we approach the event each year – for example the live stream in 2020 during the pandemic meant we had to do a full reimagining of the HMAs, but it also gave us new ideas to bring back to the live event in 2021. We know better what fits the HMAs best with each year – we did OVO Arena Wembley in 2023, which was a big landmark and something we are very proud of, but we feel great to be coming back to the O2 Forum Kentish Town. It is the best fit for what the HMAs have become.”

3. What sets the Heavy Music Awards apart from other music awards ceremonies?

“The HMAs gives a platform to a diverse community that we feel never really gets the love it deserves. And within that we very deliberately, editorially, steer clear of any negativity – we focus 100% on a positive message that shows that this is an event and a community that is open to all. We want our attendees to feel safe and supported when they are in that room and so far I think we have achieved that, but we’re always learning and looking for ways to make it more accessible to everyone.”

4. How do the Heavy Music Awards contribute to the heavy music scene?

“Primarily we hope the HMAs has found a valuable place in the heavy music scene by giving finalists and winners a significant PR boost. In addition, we have shaped the entire campaign to offer as much opportunity for our partners to gain as much genuine business value as possible – ultimately the event only takes place with sponsorship as we give our ticket income to charity, so striking that balance between huge party and networking event is key to the HMAs’ ongoing success.”

5. In what ways do you envision the partnership between Ticketmaster and the Heavy Music Awards benefiting the heavy music community in the long term?

“Ticketmaster is at the beating heart of the alternative scene – having that platform to connect with rock and metal fans instantly means artists have the best possible chance of selling tickets and making their tours viable. We can’t pretend that not making a tour viable in 2024 is an existential threat to an artist, especially independent artists – we want to be a part of the solution and partnering with Ticketmaster helps us do that together.

Through our partnership we are able to not only underline Ticketmaster’s reputation as a key part of the rock and metal scene, we’re also able to use the growing, global reputation of the HMAs to strengthen that priceless connection between fans and artists.”

6. Can you share any exciting plans or developments for this year’s Heavy Music Awards?

“All we can say right now is… the plans are definitely exciting. Keep your eyes open over the coming months…!”

7. How can fans get involved with the Heavy Music Awards this year?

“Fans can get involved right now by casting their votes at vote.heavymusicawards.com – we’ll be making tickets available initially to voters so that’s your best chance at being there on 22 August!”

8. What lasting impressions will attendees carry with them from this year’s Heavy Music Awards?

“We hope as in previous years that attendees walk out of the HMAs feeling like this is a unique and amazing scene packed with incredibly talented people – and of course we want the overwhelming feeling to be “I can’t wait for next year!””

With incredible performances and a strong sense of community, the Heavy Music Awards 2024 is set to be an unforgettable celebration of rock and metal.

Find out more about the Heavy Music Awards here.

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