Here are five ways you can maximise your brand coverage with ticket agents such as Ticketmaster.

1. Use a ticket widget on your site

If you already have a website for your event, check if there is a ticket widget you can integrate. This will enable fans browsing your own site to also browse for the ticket they want without being redirected, and changes to your event should update in the widget automatically to save you from all the updates.

2. Sell tickets via Facebook

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can add ticket listings for fans to browse. Some ticket agents such as Ticketmaster will also do this for you automatically, or allow you to publish the event to Facebook from your ticketing dashboard.

3. Run digital ads with your ticket agent

Check if your ticket agent offers a programatic advertising service. This allows you to pay to serve your event ads to fans that browse that ticket agent’s website.

4. Sell co-branded gift cards

Some ticket agents will be able to create and sell co-branded gift cards for your event or series of events. You can always create your own gift cards, but organising it with your ticket agent has its advantages, such as additional marketing reach and management of the gift card process.

5. Make the most of your event pages

Ticket agents often have slots for extra images, videos, maps and more on their sites. Check out exactly what you can provide, and send as many of these assets as you can for a more branded experience and better experience for your fans.

At Ticketmaster we can help with all of the above, including programmatic campaigns to our Ticketmaster data. Speak to your Ticketmaster representative or contact us to discuss your options.

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