Our top ticketing and registration features for student clubs and societies

As students across the country get ready for uni life, we've pulled together some info on how to use our Universe ticketing platform as a free registration tool for student clubs and societies.

Our top ticketing and registration features for student clubs and societies

1. Free registration tool

Ticketmaster has a ticketing platform called Universe that doubles up as a registration tool for free events, activities and meet ups by allocating free tickets.

The ticket types are completely customisable, you can add your own questions to gather the information you need and allow members to subscribe to a newsletter.

If there’s no cost to your members, there’s also no cost to you; use of the tool is completely free.

2. Launch on your website and Facebook

You can integrate a pop up registration form on your website using a widget which is simple to use.

If you have Facebook tab you can add a tab for your registration and ticketing.

3. Integrate your existing tools

On the Universe platform you can connect hundreds of products and tools such as Mailchimp.

If you don’t have anything set up don’t worry, we have tools of our own you can use for emailing, reporting and more, and all the data collected is yours to keep.

4. Stagger arrival times and run timed sessions

You can allocate arrival times to your meeting, activity or event via free tickets to help social distancing and capacity management.

You could also make tickets available for time periods, which could work well for induction and training sessions.

5. Scan in with your iphone or android

With our Universe Box office app you can scan in your members using your mobile phone, measure how many members have been scanned in, view their contact details for track and trace and register new members if you need to.

The apps scan through glass and perspex for a contact free experience.

6. Stream your event online

If for some reason a member can’t be there or you all need to meet online, Universe can issue tickets for streamed or online events too, and features include a link auto-send 1 hour before the stream goes live.

And if you want to sell paid for tickets and merchandise….

You can do that too, you’ll just pay a small fee on each ticket, just like on EventBrite.