How to create an engaging online quiz

Searching for a way to give visitors on your site a more interactive experience? Create an online quiz is a wonderful option to mix in with traditional forms of content like blog posts, interviews, testimonials and case studies. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also engaging and fun to take.

How quizzes can enhance your website

Increase engagement

Just look at game shows like Pointless or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. People love to test their knowledge as well as discover new things. So quizzes, by their very nature, will increase your customer engagement, plus provide an enjoyable way to connect with your artist, venue, event or brand.

Drive more traffic

In addition, quizzes can drive more traffic to you. New visitors might discover them through search engines, while people who take quizzes love to share their results on social media.

Build data and insight

Quizzes can help you out if you simply add an email opt-in before displaying the results. Not only can you can keep in touch with respondents who’ve shown an interest, but you can also segment your visitors based on how they answer questions – this will help you understand their needs and desires better.

Educate on your products

What’s more, quizzes offer another way to increase sales as the material you highlight can include information to help influence future purchasing decisions.

58% of marketers rank quizzes as being effective forms of interactive content marketing

77% agree that interactive content has reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures

73% agree that combining traditional content marketing tactics with interactive content enhances retention of their organisation’s message

68% agree that interactive content provides valuable ways to repurpose their organisation’s passive content

Source The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing.

Types of online quizzes

There are two main types of quizzes: scored and outcome.

Scored Quiz

What else can it be called: a graded or tallied quiz

What is a scored quiz? Designed to see how well visitors know a subject, the result is based on the number of questions answered right.

How it is scored? Correct responses can be displayed during the quiz or at the end when the taker usually receives their score along a custom message of success or failure regarding the outcome.

Outcome Quiz

What else can it be called: personality quiz

What is an outcome quiz? The taker receives a certain number of points based on their answers.

How it the outcome achieved? The point value will be associated with different results, so that after the quiz is finished a personality, destination or some other category result is generated.

Examples may include:

  • Which member of the Rolling Stones are you?
  • Discover your perfect summer music festival
  • What type of rugby fan are you?

Finding the right online quiz maker 

Both scored and outcome quizzes are easy to build with online quiz makers which offer versatile interfaces and calculate results automatically.

The Big 5

Online quiz makers are numerous – from Google Forms and HubSpot Forms to Typeform, Riddle and Survey Monkey. Many are simple and intended for fun, while others offer advanced tools for customisation as well as options to drive sales growth.

Which quiz maker should you choose?

Among your top priorities, look for ones that offer:

  • A user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • A built-in sharing option, as that will help you increase the reach of your quizzes
  • Data collection that can be exported directly to your lists or integrated easily with your CRM system (remember ideally you want to collect more than just your visitors’ answers)
  • A WordPress plugin or the ability for embedding into your site via an embed code

How much will it cost to create an online quiz?

Pricing can also vary greatly, with some online quiz makers offering basic services for free and premium services through a monthly subscription. Do your research and try them out – you’ll discover many online quiz makers offer free trial periods.

The process for building an online quiz is easy

Create an online quiz

Basically, once you’ve chosen an online quiz maker, creating your quiz can be broken down into five simple steps.

  1. Decide your quiz type and formulate your concept.
  2. Come up with a fun title and intro, plus try to find an eye-catching header image.
  3. Create your questions. A quiz can be any length but it’s good to aim for at least five and no more than 25 questions. Most online quiz makers allow for a wide range of question types including multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, sorting, labelling and much more. Try to keep your questions concise and clear. If possible, use visuals – from photographs and clip art to videos and music clips – with each question.
  4. Create the shareworthy results… and be imaginative! This part of your quiz can have the most impact.
  5. Integrate your quiz on your website and then be sure to promote it there and on your social media channels.

Running low on ideas?

Sometimes you can create an online quiz by reusing content. If you have an existing article on your website, just repurpose that in a question-and-answer format. Not only will it help bring your visitors closer to your message, but they are more likely to leave your website with a better understanding of it.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve learned how to create an online quiz, consider your marketing strategy and determine the best way to utilise it. Maybe you’ll want to do a single quiz as part of a campaign or special anniversary, or perhaps an ongoing series of quizzes would help you stay front-of-mind with your visitors.

Always remember that quizzes appeal to everyone because we like to test ourselves, discover new things and show off to other people… so go ahead, get quizzing!

If you want to discuss how to use quizzes or other options to sell tickets for your online event, contact our team.