Case study: SEC venues move to 100% Digital Tickets

In 2019, 176k fans attending events at SEC venues chose either digital tickets or print at home tickets as a delivery method. Digital tickets were offered at over 180 events and in 2020 this started to rise.

Case study: SEC venues move to 100% Digital Tickets

In August 2020, SEC venues moved to 100% digital ticketing, making Digital Tickets the key ticket type on over 300 scheduled events at SEC venues.

We got some feedback from the team on why they made the move…

What was the key reason you moved to 100% digital tickets?

  • A key focus for our venue and our naming rights partner is our sustainable goals.   Removing paper tickets and switching to digital is a positive step on our journey.  
  • Over recent years there has been a notable shift in consumer buying behaviour, with a higher volume opting to purchase tickets from mobile devices.
  • Ticket delivery to mobile provides a safer, quicker and all round improved fan experience. 
  • Ticket transfer functionality allows fans to send tickets to all members of their party instantaneously.

Over 10,000 tickets were transferred for events in 2019 at SEC venues

What benefits have you seen since as a result?

We are already receiving positive fan feedback about the overall experience. 

It’s too early to say what the benefits are as we are in the early stages of implementation, however we expect  the major benefits will include the growth potential to our database, which will allow for more targeted marketing and key customer experience messaging. 

3161 new emails have been added to the SEC database via Ticket Transfer

Knowing who is in our venue and what happens with our tickets is crucial for event delivery, more important now than ever due to track and trace requirements.

Do you have any key tips for any other clients thinking of moving to 100% digital tickets or opening up ticket transfer

It’s the future, for all of the reasons already mentioned.  Future event delivery relies heavily on leveraging technology.

To move your venue or event to 100% Digital Ticketing, contact your Ticketmaster representative or leave us a message.