Case study: How Utilita Arena Newcastle manage inventory with TM1 Events

TM1 Events is THE place for managing inventory, encompassing the TM1 Manage tool, scaling tool and plenty of useful reports.

We asked the Ticketing Manager of Utilita Arena Newcastle – Helen Ashleigh Carson about the venue’s use of the tool and it’s most beneficial features…

“I manage most of my events on TM1 now in terms of allocations and set up. It’s so quick and efficient and provides excellent visual maps now for promoters and agents to check inventory.

Being able to name holds, add extra labels to holds, change colour coding and amend prices and ring-fencing has helped speed up managing multiple venues and on sales.

Most recently I’ve started managing my accessible inventory and setting up the majority to be sold online, which is essential in the current climate. 

Scaling is a really quick and easy tool I use anytime I need to send promoters a manifest and map in one, it gives them all the info they need when looking to set up an event.”

TM1 is such a godsend when under pressure with deadlines for multiples events as most things can be done at the touch of a button