Case study: How FlyDSA Arena use TM1 Entry

TM1 Entry is our next generation access control system that allows you to monitor entry across the whole event as it happens, with real-time and cloud-based technology.

Case study: How FlyDSA Arena use TM1 Entry

We caught up with Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena on how they make the most of the tool….

Which features of TM1 Entry do you use the most for your events?

The live report showing scanned in tickets. Showsec and Operations are sent a final report for our arena events which shows how many tickets were scanned / rejects / total attendance.

What can you do with TM1 Entry that you couldn’t do previously with your access control?

We can view what tickets have been scanned in relation to the seating plan, and give more of our staff access to live scanning updates.

Which features will be the biggest part of your return to live?

  1. Being able to scan mobile tickets, as most of our events now only have this delivery method.
  2. Scanning agent tickets, as we are trying to encourage this more, given the current situation. 
  3. Relying on scanners to tell us if anyone tries to gain entrance with a ticket that has been refunded.