Case study: How AO Arena Manchester use TM1 Manage

TM1 Manage helps streamline the allocation process with interactive and flexible features to manage seat status and price levels on events, plus the ability to collaborate with team members, other promoters and stakeholders.

AO Arena Manchester started using the tool back in 2019 and have used it thousands of times since, so we got some insight into how TM1 Manage impacts their ticketing operations….

What feature of TM1 Manage has had the greatest impact on allocation management for AO Arena Manchester events?

The ability to see and interact with the entire venue on one screen makes allocating and dressing much more efficient and effective.

What can you do with TM1 Manage that you couldn’t do previously?

Adding in new holds and qualifiers and the ability to re-price seats saves time for the venue and enables EP to concentrate on more pressing issues such as new builds.

Do you have any top tips for others using the tool?

Double check before releasing any seats to open (speaking from experience there…) and if you are not confident about anything in TM1 Manage ensure you have a test event to work on.