A re-introduction to TM1: Ticketmaster’s Integrated Box Office System

TM1 is our integrated box office system for clients selling tickets on the Ticketmaster platform, allowing promoters and venues to streamline ticketing processes and improve efficiencies.

A re-introduction to TM1: Ticketmaster’s Integrated Box Office System

There are several tools available within TM1, serving everything from floor plans, pricing, email marketing and access control, with exclusive product news, updates, hints and tips in our Client Hub.

What’s new

TM1 has evolved over the years to become more user friendly and intuitive with more visual and graphical elements than ever before. The tools are more flexible and interactive and can allow collaborations with teams and external stakeholders, and many of the tools have become real-time and cloud-based allowing access from mobile devices at any time.

TM1 on the move

TM1 now has its own app TM1 Reports available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android, showing reports for sales, inventory, attendance and more.

What our clients are saying

For an insight into how our clients use some of the tools and features and how it impacts their own events, check out our latest case studies.

“TM1 is such a godsend when under pressure with deadlines for multiples events as most things can be done at the touch of a button”


If you’re already a Ticketmaster Client there’s plenty more on the Client Hub, including new hints and tips from clients and our team.