As it’s Mental Health awareness week, we’ve collated wellness tips from recent interviews with event organisers, promoters and crew to spread ideas and inspiration for a work/life balance, wellbeing on tour and wellbeing between jobs >

Ways to unwind

I do a lot of yoga and breathing which helps keep me calm. Also sharing the business with my husband helps – we both have the same agenda and the children come with us. As soon as they turn 16 they will be working on the show.

Josie da Bank, Creative Director for Bestival and Camp Bestival

Going to the gym, taking short breaks before it gets too busy are the best ways to get time out in all the craziness.

Caroline Giddings, Director at the Isle of Wight Festival


Kelly Chappel, SVP European Touring at Live Nation

Wellbeing between tours

Personally I have a few strategies – I have desk space out of the house, to help keep work and life separate, and I go cycling, hillwalking or sailing as much as I can, which seems to soften the impact of coming to a crashing halt. Cooking is another great pleasure after months of being catered for. I have to say my partner and daughter don’t complain about that side of my coming home!

Glen Thomson – freelance Tour, Production and Event Manager (The Pretenders)

I tend to ‘binge detox’ when I get home, avoid listening to much music to get my ears back (they start to feel compressed after a few weeks on the road), and exercise and sleep well, both of which are hard in a bus bouncing around freeways.

Francois Elalfy aka Mido, a freelance Tour Manager and Sound Engineer (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Temples)

Work/life balance

Loving what you do helps as does having a solid support network around you, I am fortunate to have both. Not only do I love my job but I am well supported and surrounded by a team of individuals who are experts in their fields and a close family who keep me in check.

I love learning and made a promise to myself l that I would learn a new skill every year. As a result I have amassed quite a few hobbies that are key to keeping me grounded and sane; I am a Beekeeper, a Reiki Master, a Massage Therapist, Oncology Massage Therapist and a Reflexologist.

Emma Livingstone, Head of Marketing Communications at Manchester Arena

Don’t be scared to say no and take much needed time out for yourself. I used to work 5 or 6 shows a week and almost drove myself into the ground.  After repping for 20 yrs, I now feel I need to have a work/life balance – that way, I enjoy my job more and my family and friends will still talk to me when I retire!

Richeal Reader – freelance Promoter Rep, Event and Site Manage

Wellbeing on tour

Running is a great way to check out new places and to reset the mind, otherwise I try to drink loads of water, eat well, try not to drink too much, definitely don’t do drugs, and try and send loved ones postcards cos it’s good for the soul.  

Chris Kiely – Tour Manager and Artist Manager (Amy McDonald)

Daily runs and hotel room workouts. I’ve had many a house keeping person walk in on me in some daft yoga pose. It’s super important though. 10-16 people on a bus, living on top of each other – you need your head space. It’s so important to get out of the venue for fresh air. Also – less alcohol – easier said than done.

Chris Adam – freelance Tour Manager and Sound Engineer (Maximo Park)

I think it’s just important to realise the job isn’t rock & roll or easy. Stress management is important, but everyone deals with it differently. You need to learn not to panic at all as it never helps. 

Andy Dunlop, Event Manager and Tour Manager