WE Nation (Women in Entertainment) has been designed to engage and inspire women across  Live Nation to support women in the workplace to attain fulfilling careers, and address the issues affecting women.

The focus of the panel was how we can drive our company forward with the launch of WE Nation. Ticketmaster’s PR Director, Jackie Antas, posed questions to three panellists Kelly Chappel (Director or Talent, Live Nation), Gerry McDonnell (SVP Technology, Ticketmaster International) and Selina Emeny (International Group Council for Live Nation Entertainment) about their careers & how they came to be as passionate as they are about women in the workplace.

Some of the key point taken from the breakfast:

·         Know your worth

·         Ask for what you want

·         Be confident

·         Expect the best

·         Stop saying sorry

·         Trust yourself

WE Nation is just one aspect of Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace. As a global company with thousands of employees, Live Nation has the opportunity to lead the way and we are exciting to see what the rest of the year will bring with WE Nation.