Ticketmaster’s Front End Developer Helen Zhou and her team have won first place in this year’s NHS Hackathon with an app called Porteroo. The app is designed to optimise how specimens get around hospitals to improve the clinician, porter and patient experience. This 2019 award follows a 2018 win with an app called the Eye-Guide that helps clinicians find relevant management clinical guidelines at their fingertips.

NHS Hack Day is an annual event in London which invites groups to spend a weekend prototyping a tech solution to an NHS user need, then presenting it back to the group. In an increasingly digital world, the NHS want healthcare professionals to see what is possible in the tech sector and to learn from and be inspired by great developers, using their skills and expertise to help push forward with a new era for NHS IT.

This Hack Day win is testament to the skills and passion of our technology teams here at Ticketmaster, and we congratulate Helen Zhou, her team, and all who were involved.

For more information on the NHS Hackday and all the winners, please visit their website.

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