Fans are spending more on experience these days.

Our latest Festival Report found that almost one in five (18%) would be likely to purchase a VIP ticket for a festival, and our wider survey found that 14% would be likely to purchase a VIP ticket for a live event.

Luxury toilets and a viewing area close to the stage are a fan’s favourite perk according to our festival report, with 80% saying they would spend more money for these. VIP accommodation and a lounge are the lowest rated options, but those who want them are willing to spend the most to get them.

The report also showed that VIP ticket buyers are the least concerned with knowing the full line-up before booking, suggesting it’s the full festival experience that drives them, rather than the music.

Whichever ticketing platform you’re working with, from Ticketmaster to Ticketweb and Universe, and whatever type of event you’re selling, it’s easy to add VIP ticket types and upgrades.

Also, if you need help creating your VIP experience, our friends at VIP Nation can help.

For more info on adding VIP options to your event, speak to your account manager.

If you’re using Universe, click here.