In our second interview in our International Women’s Day series, we managed a quick Q&A with Kelly Chappel about her advice and thoughts on the industry…

Q: You’ve moved through the ranks at Live Nation since starting in 2005. What advice would you give you women who want to progress in the music industry? 

A; Work hard, find your people, don’t get caught up in the noise.

Q: There are more awards and recognitions for females across many industries every year. Who are you inspired by and why?

A: My Mam, she taught me to listen, work hard, have empathy and that niceness isn’t a weakness.

Q: In your opinion, what changes are there to be made in the live entertainment industry over the next 5 years, if any?

A: Within the live entertainment industry generally I hope there will continue to be more diversity when hiring new employees over the next 5 years and beyond. I also think that in 5 years we won’t need headphones, we will have a chip planted in our heads and we can just ask it to play music… 😊

Q: Being a promoter can be a very busy role. What do you do to relax and unwind?

A: Lego!