670 independent UK music venues across the UK are represented by the Music Venue Trust

Only 114 are currently secure for the next eight weeks

556 others are at imminent risk of being permanently closed down

Today the Music Venue Trust has launched its #saveourvenues campaign, which aims to match artists with venues that need vital support and enable them to run live stream fundraisers to help remove their matched venue from the crisis list.

Frank Turner has been a great inspiration for this campaign, raising thousands of pounds for Nambucca (London), The Joiners (Southampton) the Railway Inn (Winchester) and The Forum (Tunbridge Wells). MVT now need to recruit an army of artists to save hundreds more venues threatened with closure, one by one.

Frank Turner said, “The UK live music industry is staring into the abyss right now. I’m not able to save the whole thing on my own, but I decided to do a series of livestream shows to raise money for specific independent venues that I know and love, and that are in serious risk of disappearing right now. The success of these shows demonstrated the love that exists between music fans and their favourite grassroots music venues so the #saveourvenues campaign is a brilliant way of building on that and hopefully giving artists and music fans a chance to get involved and play a big part in helping them survive.”

One venue saved from closure by Frank’s fundraising gigs is Tunbridge Wells Forum. 

Co-founder Jason Dormon said “Frank Turner has always championed the grassroots sector, having grown up and learnt his craft in these venues. His generosity and commitment is truly admirable, he inspires live music fans to come together and unite in raising awareness and funds for the UK’s grassroots music venues. We were totally overwhelmed and heartened by Frank’s help and the support and generosity of the local community.”

How can you help

Spreading the word

Anyone can support the #saveourvenues campaign by sharing the hashtag on social media platforms and sharing associated tweets by the Music Venue Trust and its partners.

If you work in the industry and know any artists who may be willing to take part, please do reach out with information about the campaign and encourage them to visit the website and learn how they can become involved.


Each venue will have their own fundraising page with a clear target of the funds it needs to raise to stay afloat throughout this difficult period. Click here for the list and donate. Once a target is reached any excess revenue will go to the central #saveourvenues fund to help the wider grassroots music venue community.

You can also donate directly to the national #saveourvenues fund here or watch the ‘at home’ shows by artists and donate to the venue they are supporting.

Music Venue Trust’s CEO Mark Davyd said, “Without the support of music fans and artists literally hundreds of the UK’s grassroots music venues could go out of business, never to return, in the coming months. Please help to save every single grassroots music venue in the UK so that it can reopen after this crisis and continue to be a home to our musicians and our communities.”