With the London NFL season coming to a close, our Insight team here at Ticketmaster has uncovered some valuable insights about customers buying tickets for North American sporting events in the UK.

Over a third of Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) customers are music fans, who like to rock out

Compared to other sport customers (11%), more MLB and NFL customers purchase for other music events (35%), with rock being the most popular genre. These fans also love a serving of comedy (12%) and the odd musical (8%) too.


The Germans are big fans, and U.S fans will travel to support their teams

30% of customers are from outside the UK; 10% live in Germany and 8.8% live in the U.S.  These international customer figures are much higher than they are for British sports, where over 96% of customers are from the UK. The majority of UK customers for MLB and NFL are from London, with Birmingham and Reading the top non-London areas.

Nearly a third (32%) buy four or more tickets

45% purchase a pair of tickets, but many also buy for groups of four or more. 

Photo: Dave Shopland / NFL

Younger customers purchase for North American sports, and they are more likely to be male

When we compare North American sports hosted in the UK to traditionally British sports such as the Rugby Union or Cricket World Cup, 21% are under 30 compared with 15% of UK sports customers. A massive 77% of customers that book for North American sports are male, in comparison to British sports where 58% are male.

In conclusion, North American sports held in the UK deserve their fanfare. These popular, eagerly anticipated global events excite tens of thousands of fans every year, and we can’t wait for the next one.

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