Richeal Reader is a freelance Promoter Rep, Event and Site Manager who has spent over 20 years tour repping around the world and now bases herself in Glasgow.

We caught up with her in lockdown on her home turf to chat about her time on the road and her love for Kelvingrove Bandstand…

What inspired you to work in live events?

I’ve been surrounded by music for most of my life, I come from a musical family and one of my first jobs as a teenager was in my brother’s recording studio.  

After spending 10 years working in record stores, I looked for a change and started in King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut behind the bar.  Fiona Ellis suggested I’d fit in to the repping role, looking after bands upstairs.  My response was “Can’t they look after themselves?”  That question might have clinched the job for me..

You’ve previously done tour repping. What is your favourite memory from being out on the road?

Visiting places like Japan and Russia were great opportunities.  However, we live and work in one of the most beautiful, inspiring and talented countries in the world, so it’s a pleasure to seek out the smaller, most interesting venues in Scotland.

What brought you to work for Kelvingrove Bandstand and what do you love about the place?

I’m not sure there’s enough space here to say how much I love Kelvingrove Bandstand!  

After working with a few different promoters, I’m now mostly repping shows for Regular Music and I have a great relationship with director Mark Mackie who had promoted shows in Kelvingrove in the past. He suggested I help him bring the Bandstand back to life, so I dedicate most of my year making sure the event is carefully planned to be a success and a joy to attend.  There, I work with the most fantastic team of folk, who give it their all – egos are left at home and a sense of humour is essential!

Live events life is super busy – do you have any wellbeing tips?

Don’t be scared to say no and take much needed time out for yourself. I used to work 5 or 6 shows a week and almost drove myself into the ground.  After repping for 20 yrs, I now feel I need to have a work/life balance – that way, I enjoy my job more and my family and friends will still talk to me when I retire!

What item can’t you live without at events?

The phone is a must of course, and a decent pair of comfy shoes…