Brand new wellness festival Metamorphosis lands in London’s Jubilee Park this June. We reached out to the Founder & Chair of B1 Foundation & Metamorphosis 2020 Anna Avramidou to find out how the event is coming together…

What was the inspiration for Metamorphosis Festival?

Like many of us I was caught up in a success-driven world – like a hamster treading furiously but aimlessly in his wheel and going nowhere. My personal experiences, some emotionally traumatic, had therefore led me to seek solutions for an alternative lifestyle. I attended a yoga sadhana, completed the Inner Engineering inspired by the teachings of Sadhguru as well as volunteering at the Isha Foundation for many months, and travelled throughout India and Mount Kailash in the Tibetan Himalayas to further deepen my spiritual journey. 

Metamorphosis is the platform for us to share those tools of transformation and show that sustainable solution to inner wellbeing is available. All we need is a conscious decision to make that change for ourselves. 

It is our firm belief that the fundamentals of our humanity, universal tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness, will be enhanced by using the tools of classical yoga. There has never been greater urgency for a global shift in the collective consciousness. Metamorphosis 2020 Festival acts as a catalyst for change in individuals and communities. 

The event is in Leyton’s Jubilee Park, what was the reason for choosing this location?

Leyton Jubilee Park has undergone an incredible transformation, their recent improvements have allowed exciting engagements with the surrounding communities, and have provided a full range of facilities and activities to support the health and wellbeing of their residents. This is why we wanted to highlight the park and drive wider growth to the footfall. 

Metamorphosis Festival Site

Wellness festivals and events are really on the rise. Why do you think this is?

In recent years there has been an explosion in festivals that have put wellbeing at their heart. With a rising interest to a more active societal pursuit of both mental and physical health, there isn’t a better time for change, both individual and environmental. It’s this feeling of community, of finding your ‘tribe’ that most of us crave. 

How have you gone about targeting such a wide audience demographic for this event?

Mindfulness and wellbeing isn’t an age bracket. It’s allowing young children to learn how to take care of themselves and live abundantly, while also allowing adults to rediscover what we once knew, stillness and a sense of wholeness. 

With a collective meditation of 11,000 and live art installations, this will be quite an event! Have you found any logistical challenges along the way?

Everything has its challenges but we have learnt a lot along the way and we have a great team who has worked wholeheartedly to put together a festival we feel is like no other. Challenges have only pushed us further and made more aware of what works and what we feel needs tweaking. We have found the whole process a positive challenge.

To learn more about Metamorphosis Festival visit their website.

Anna Avramidou, Founder & Chair of B1 Foundation & Metamorphosis 2020

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