Due to health and safety regulations, you may need to provide information on a fans attendance at an event.

All our ticketing platforms have the ability to pull up a scan history for individual orders, so you can see if and when certain fans have entered and exited your event space.

As well as viewing individual entries and exits, you can also view attendee information and transfer activity.

Plus, with Ticketmaster tools you can see who is entering your event as you scan them in.

For additional accuracy, make sure you have ticket transfer switched on for Ticketmaster and Universe platforms. This feature will increase the chances of your data being for the attendee rather than the buyer, so that you know exactly who is at your event and can contact them directly if needed.

Also, if your event has assigned seating or is ticketed in sections, you will have greater intel as to where in the building the fan has been spending most of their time during the show.