Gathering information from event attendees is more important than ever, from access and logistical needs to opinions on certain topics.

Checkout questions on the Universe platform

On Universe it’s easy to add additional questions for your guests at the checkout.

You can ask questions to an individual ticket buyer, or ask every attendee, and you can make the fields ‘optional’ or ‘required’ as you wish.

Just log into your My Events page in your Universe account, select the event you want to edit and select Checkout Questions in the navigation on the left hand side.

You’ll see the Checkout Form in front of you, and will be free to start adding.

Post purchase survey on the TicketWeb platform

On TicketWeb you can add a post purchase survey to all your events or one event only using our designated survey tool.

You can choose drop down, check boxes or free text formats for your responses, and add a s many questions as you need.

Once a fan has completed their order the survey will appear. If it is not completed at that time a reminder email will be sent out.

You can view all the responses in a survey detail report on the TicketWeb system in just a few clicks.