1. Be clear you’re selling a live stream

In your marketing, be 100% clear that the event you’re selling tickets for is a live stream. There are still not as many gigs happening as we’d all like but there’s every possibility the fan may think this is happening in park somewhere in the UK.

2. Sell tickets even after the event starts

Sales for live streams tend to peak in the first and last week, with many waiting to book when they know they can actually join. Sometimes this is as close as minutes before or after the e vent has started. So don’t miss those last minute digital walk ups and keep your live stream tickets open for sale until it ends.

3. Remind fans of the advantages of viewing from home

Fans can pick their favourite hipster beers and vegan options while in the comfort of their own home. There are no travel costs or arrangements to be made, and no matter how short you are you’ll have the best view.